A Happiness & Money Spell

This Spell is from SpellCast – Folk Magic from the 21st Century. This Spell is highly effective and we have nicknamed it the Master Bringer of All Spell. For this Spell you will need:

  • A yellow candle.
  • A green candle.
  • A paper and pen.
  • Sandalwood essential oil.
  • A fire proof dish.

1. Charge the yellow candle for happiness and the green candle for money. Anoint each candle after charging with sandalwood oil.

2. Write out the following spell on a piece of paper:

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night,
Bring happiness and money into sight.

Let [name]’s life be filled with joy,
Every task he/she does enjoy.
With happiness in his/her heart,
Any sadness and pain does now depart.

Let [name] claim monies owed,
Until monies he/she has bestowed.
He/she will not worry about money,
For it shall flow freely like honey.

By the Dragon’s light,
On this [month] night.

[Name] you are happy.
[Name] you have money.
By the Dragon’s might.
So mote it be.

3. When you are ready light both candles, say the spell aloud and then burn the piece of paper with the words written on to release the spell into the cosmos.

If doing this spell for yourself say for myself where the name is.

If you are doing the spell for someone else make sure to imagine them happy and with money.

4. Allow the candles to burn down, releasing the intentioned energy out into the universe.

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